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Online Course - Level 2--Advanced Infrared Thermography

This is an online quantitative thermography class designed for practicing thermographers interested in advancing their knowledge and capabilities. This class covers advanced theory and applications of infrared thermography in the preventive maintenance, quality assurance, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing of materials fields. Upon completion students will be able to fully understand infrared thermography, thermal imagers, and their abilities and limitations out in the field. Level 2 focuses on radiometric temperature measurement and how taking accurate temperatures improves the diagnosis and interpretation of thermal situations. The course delves deeply into the concepts of emissivity, reflected temperature compensation as well as spatial and measurement resolution. Other topics include inspecting though transmissive films and windows and using IR mirrors—and you will lean the proper use and limitations of them. The Level 2 course extends the knowledge gained in Level 1 on infrared theory and heat transfer concepts. Students leave aware of the full operational capabilities of their radiometric thermal imaging equipment and are challenged with videos, reading assignments, camera exercises, and quizzes. This course fully meets the educational requirements for certification in accordance with Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A, as defined by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. An overview of some of the topics: *Quantitative heat transfer and temperature measurement] Emitted energy/Reflected energy/transmitted energy IR Filters, windows, and mirrors *IR equipment Calibration, spatial and measurement resolution, measuring emissivity *Radiation/Conduction/Convection/State Change/Thermal Capacitance *Standards *Reporting *Prioritization Students learn information based on accepted industry and international inspection procedures. The class is open to everyone regardless of whether or not they own a thermal imager. Those with cameras will be asked to complete field work for full certification. Please note the course prerequisite of either a 2-day application specific course or a full Level 1. | Contact Us | | 802.479.7100 | 800.636.9820